Vs System Card Database

Don't want to search for a card, or just need to review a stat line quickly. Check out the card database

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Card Ruling Database

Need to confirm a card action or play? Check out the card rulings!

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Legacy By the Numbers

A detailed spreadsheet made by Nvogt detailing all the cards released for the Legacy set so far and how many cards are left. Very informative!

Vs System Deck Builder

Build it out before you play it!! Save a build for later referernce, have a deck idea... Start it here

Brought to you by the creative mind of Blaine Bublitz.


Super Awesome Games

Home to our favorite two developers, Danny Mandel & Ben Cichoski, the creators of Vs. 2PCG! Check out the other games they've developed!

Team Attack Podcast!

Check out our buddies over at the Team Attack Podcast. Here you can find their entire catalog of content (ours is bigger, hehe). Team Attack also has a Facebook page, check them out!

Daily Meta Game Team

Check out the DailyMetaGame team and site for information related to VS Systems along with other table top card games!

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The Scoop UK

Vs. coverage from across the sea! Their site also contains articles on Hearthstone and Star Wars card games.

Pauper Tim

Website for the Team Attack crew with articles on Vs. and board games!

The Collective

The Collective is the Facebook home for over 1,000 players!!! Join the Collective and compare, discuss, and question strategy, meta, and more...

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