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We're finally here, folks! The final match will be played between Ponder Guy and Weber on Saturday, May 13th at 11 am (central). They'll be playing on OCTGN, so if anyone would like to spectate the match just wait around for the server to pop up and join in! Our players will be playing the best out of three games with no time limit.

Along with spectate mode on OCTGN we are also working towards making a stream via Twitch and/or Facebook of the match for people to watch as well. Stay tuned as we'll have more details as we figure out our capabilities.

TheĀ grand prize for the winner of season one will be their choice of a level 2 MC card personally signed by Danny Mandel and Ben Cichoski!

The Build Phase would like to thank all the league members for participating. We couldn't have done any of this without you! Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to connect players all around the world for this game we are so passionate about. We hope we truly have helped you build a better turn (*cheese*)! As a thank you each league member will be receiving their very own copy of Dramatic Entrance signed by Danny and Ben!

Lastly we'd also like to thank Danny and Ben at SAG for supporting us throughout the season and providing us with this amazing prize support. We truly appreciate it. You have the full backing of the BP crew in all your future endeavors and hope the very best for yourselves and your company. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to be a part of something grand!

BPLP prize support - Good Guys

Prize support - Good characters

BPLP prize support - Bad Guys

Prize support - Bad characters

BPLP prize support - Dram. Ent.

Prize support for all league members - Dramatic Entrance

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