Build Phase Monsters Unleashed Spoilers.

8/2/17 Blazing Death’s Head

Adam: I don’t think its his gaze that terrifying.  More like terrifying tongue!  This guy reminds me of some kind of demented circus clown.  And what’s up with those creeptastic fat tentacle arms?  I mean I know his super power is ‘Terrifying Gaze” but it should be more like “Terrifying to gaze on”.  Anywho, this guys stats and ability are spot on.  Not many 7/7s at six other than Colossus and like the big steel ruskie he has green super power.  I think this power could be really good.  Just think if your opponent is hiding his wounded JJ in his back row or you haven’t been able to get back to his Elsa more than once.  Activate this guy and goodbye.  Any 2 wound character that has a wound when you activate this guy just auto KOs.  That’s pretty good.  Its almost like a cheap version of Thanos SCs ability for support characters only.  Gene Simmons here could possibly net you 2 for 1s or 3 for 1s depending on the board state.  You can’t say that about many cards in this game for sure.  DHL might not win any beauty contests but I could definitely seem him winning some VS matches.

Nick: Man, are all these Leviathons crazy strong or what? With our spoilers there is no deviation from that trend. The Death’s Head Leviathon, which is probably the coolest named Leviathon, is a 7/7 with 1 health, and a 6 drop. He’s pretty strong. He also has the super power Terrifying Gaze which can effectively Lethal any 2 health enemy characters, this can really help to clear the opponents board.

Joe: So the trend of the Leviathons continue! Strength, strength and well… more strength! Let’s cut to the chase here. It’s nice to see a stat line of 7/7 on turn six, and with a significant ability. Seeing this kind of supporting character on turn six can definitely help you jump curve a bit, or solidify a win. This brute can even bring you back from the brink if your opponent’s board presence is not huge.
Terrifying Gaze is a really sweet ability, and it is cheap. Bringing a character’s health down to one is amazing and powerful. One green can make those sticky characters disappear. While we have been seeing an influx of early game characters with more life than just one health, the heavy end game hitters are the big cause of concern.  Introduce Death’s Hand and those end game multi wound characters are in for some trouble, and a more balanced playing field is introduced late game, giving people an opportunity to come back from the brink of destruction, or solitfy that wineveryone is always looking for.
Death’s Hand is SO good; they needed to make him a “One of a Kind” creature, so play him wisely my friends.

mrben: So a 6 cost 7/7/1 feels ok. It’s not wildly powerful, but you also aren’t paying a price with stats for the ability. And let’s be real, the ability is why this card exists. In order for it to be really good, you need to have a few things going on. Obviously you need a green location and you need some board state. If you don’t have the dudes to swing with then the HP on opposing characters is pretty irrelevant. Still, at it’s worst Terrifying Gaze acts as a Lethal substitute on the Death’s Head Leviathon, and it’s all upside from there. If you have a superior or even board state, then the gaze can act like Satana’s Fatal Females keyword, but without the team restriction. Even in a middling use case this power, for the cost of a single green, can act as an AoE board clear. Grab a couple out of combat stuns and kill a 2 HP guy likes he’s lethal? Death’s Head is pure value.
Worst case? He’s a reasonably stat’d 6drop. There is no downside to this guy.

adam:  I know there is a lot of scuttle butt about the new “Lumbering” Key word.  Well I don’t think it matters a ton for this guy.  He’ll take out anything short of a Warlock through all the 7 drops.  Whew!  And all this with short baby T-REX arms.  8/6, 2 wounds, and Lethal?  Lumbering or not he’ll put your opponent in some bad situations.  With all the 1 ofs on this team it will be really hard to prepare for a specific one.  Thats why I like baby arms.  He comes down, domes someone good, then has another wound to do it again next turn.  This causes them to be more cautious and defensive with their formation allowing you to predict and plan around who they stick up front to take one for the team from him.  I think stumps here is the best “Lumbering” character we’ve seen yet.  I can’t wait for the conversations between teammates in the 1 v many mode of the new set when this guy hits the table.  Nobody will want Mr. I can’t reach high shelves because I have weird thalidomide arms lumbering their way.

Nick: The Blazing Leviathon, something that looks like got spat up from the core the Earth through a Volcano. This guy is an 8/6 with 2 Health, add Lethal and you got yourself a pretty darn good 6 drop. He has a couple of drawbacks though, he has the Lumbering keyword, and he’s One of a Kind. I don’t think Lumbering will be much of a problem, because it doesn’t prevent a stun, and other characters can be used to funnel those characters with lumbering into the characters you want to attack. One of a Kind is there I think to offset the sheer power of most of the Leviathons, it may lead to some consistency issues though.

Joe: Here we are again, with another “One of a kind” creature card. Blazing Leviathon is a massive six drop. To me, there isn’t a whole lot to say here. I mean that in a good way, I really do. His stat line is top tier at 8/6, and to go with it, he has two health. That’s amazing damage and he is sticky on turn 6, providing board presence through two turns at least. This stat line allows him to remain competitive throughout end game play as well.
Oh, did I forget to mention he has Lethal… nothing to crazy. I mean who doesn’t want an end game character with lethal with a stat line like that!
I’ll wrap this short review by mentioning Blazing Leviathon  has the keyword Lumbering, allowing your opponent to pick the defender. To be honest, that is fine by me, lets clear the board folks! However, plan your attacks accordingly to get the best bang for your buck with this guy!

mrben: These two cards fill such similar roles. The Blazing Leviathon has a better stat block, 8/6/2 is stickier and gives you more reach. However, it comes with a drawback, Lumbering. I am not a fan of this keyword. I understand that by ceding control over your attack lines to the other player you are able to buy a little more stats, but I am just so averse to handing my decision points to the other side of the table that I am worried if the upside will justify the Lumbering. Let’s look at the upside, this dude is over stat’d and has Lethal. Unlike the Death’s Head, this is natural Lethal and won’t require any extra cards to get the benefit.
I really feel like both of these 6drops will fill the role of midgame clean up for the Leviathon team. There are better and worse use cases for each and with One of a Kind on both cards, you can’t really expect to have the best answer in any given situation. I’m really looking forward to checking out this wild monstrous team of Insanity SCs, but I can’t be sure that they will have impact at the tournament level.
I CAN be 100% sure that the raid format this team is bringing to the game will see tons of play on Build Phase kitchen tables. Best expansion yet.



Adam:  Wait a second!  This isn’t the communications officer from the original Star Trek series!  Its not even a woman!  Sorry my Trekiness is showing again.  So now that I’m thoroughly disappointed by the lack of Star Trek crossover at least this is a really cool card design.  I’m not sure of the competitive applications yet but Soul Split is a really cool power we need to keep our eye on.  Being able to go get all the other copies of himself, bring them into play together with swarm, then they go back in your deck?  Completely unique design that I love that they’re exploring.  Bringing 8 power across 4 bodies on turn 5 isn’t irrelevant. Neither is the up to 4 separate attacks you can make.  Loyal Soldiers, Spider-man main character, and Inspire are the first things that come to mind to help Ahura out, but I think his power might lie somewhere in the future of Vs.  If they ever had a card that got some sort of bonus for characters appearing, or some kind of activation for stunning or Ko’ing your own characters he’d definitely be the first guy you’d turn to.  Ok time to cue the boo birds about how he’s not competitive playable or what not.  Sure, right now maybe not but this is just another example of how the designers of this game don’t make “vanilla” characters and just about every card in the game feels different and is unique from all the others.  Maybe I won’t sleeve him up for Gencon but I’m glad this is the kind of stuff they’re exploring from a design perspective even if he’s not a women wearing red informing Kirk and Spock that the Klingons are hailing the Enterprise.

Nick: So Ahura, I have to concur with Adam on this card, I like the idea behind this card. I just don’t know if there’s a deck where he fits right now. He’d be great for one burst attack especially if you’re running A-Force and combo him with Heroines of Arcadia. He also has range, so that adds to his value. Another use for him is may be getting Spidey some XP.

mrben: So now that we have Simon Tam in game… #FireflyConfimed
I like the mechanic. I like pulling guys out of everywhere and getting a burst of board control. All for a yellow. I’m not really happy about how this power resolves. Sending all the copies back into my deck isn’t great. Sure, as long as I don’t draw them, I can just Soul Split again next turn. But if my draw on turn 6 is two of this guy that got clumped together. Serious feels bad, man.
Still, this is an interesting direction that goes a step further than Goblin Queen. Even if Ahura doesn’t make a splash at the tournament level, I am certain I’ll be seeing him at game night with the crew. I’m also certain it’ll be fun to play with.

Adam:  So other than Medusa’s sweet hair armor in the art of this card, it has to win the award for biggest disconnect between card name and what it does. “Diplomatic Immunity” sounds more like something that would be peaceful or pacifistic.  Like your supporting characters can’t be asked to testify against your main character if they’re in your back row.  Anyway this card is anything but peaceful or pacifistic because its all about combat.  I think that’s that the main reason why this card is good and makes mono Inhumans worth taking a look at.  As long as you can play this thing it can basically be a poor man’s Think Again.  Sure they can still activate super powers which is not irrelevant but we all saw how good TA was after dusting them off for good ol’ Thor recently.  Oh, by the way, that is this card’s basement.  A sorta Think Again.  Literally the worst it can be if you play it is a slightly less good version of a tier one windmill slam x4 team plot twist.  So whats the ceiling?  That’s hard to say as its probably best when you have a large portion or all of your team in combat together.  Sure just having one of your guys get a free swing at an opponents character is good but what about when the big triple F himself comes flying in to decimate one of your rows?  I think that probably the ceiling for this card turning a multi-stun for you scenario into a one sided affair.  This could also be a great counter to cards like Monsters Unleashed.  Finally got all your boys and girls lined up for the big swing against the MC?  Turn them sideways without fear because if they play the previously mentioned plot twist you’d have to smile when you respond with this.  And these are just the best and worse the card can be.  It can help you race by not trading a wound that keep you at parity but instead now your ahead.  This card also has great synergy with the new keyword Terragenesis.  Your guys will come in bigger but they can’t attack leaving them open to be stunned, and KO’d since they all pretty much have 1 health, but playing this in response to such situations can help you take advantage of their buffed stats.  All in all I don’t think this is the best Loyal Plot Twist we’ve seen, Reality Shift and Not Finished Yet are a thing, but I  definitely believe that it deserves a good long look.

Nick: Diplomatic Immunity, I really like this card. I feel like this card is that little bit of OP that Loyalty Plot Twists need to be. This PT reminds me strongly of Captain America’s first super power, except it’s better. There are many cases where this could be useful such as getting an attack in on a ferocious character, it’s an any turn combat PT so it can be used as a surprise on the opponent’s turn, you can also use it to make sure your big character like Black Bolt sticks around for a while.

mrben: In a vacuum this card is inarguably good. We know that Reality Shift is good enough. We know that Think Again is good enough. This PT has outcomes that will feel like a hybrid between these two tier 1 PTs. However, does it have legs to stand on? If the Inhumans, as a team, can’t handle a Loyalty build (can we all agree to call mono decks Loyalty decks? It sounds so much cooler than kissing disease decks, right?) then it doesn’t matter how good Diplomatic Immunity is. I’m going to predict that this card could very well be a thing at the tournament level. But that is a cautious and hesitant prediction.


7/19/17 A Totally Awesome Vision

mrben: And then there was a slightly better search card.
For those that do not remember, OldVS was rotten with search cards. Teams that didn’t have native search were unplayable before the generic tutors were printed. Every single game hinged on hand fixing and you were brutally punished for missing a single drop. New VS has tried to avoid this scripted feeling by being VERY stingy with the search effects. Viv is taking another baby step toward a true deck search effect and I couldn’t be happier.
Now, is it actually good enough? Well, I don’t know. 4/4/2 flier for 4 is not bad. So you aren’t being heavily punished for the card effect, but you are shaving something off the stat block. The Search Engine effect itself is very conditional. The better your board state, the deeper you can dig into your deck. This is a little bit parodoxical. If you’re winning on the board, there just isn’t much pressure to dig up answers. When you really need some deck fixing is when you’re behind. Viv isn’t going to be a great option for swinging the board back into your favor. Perhaps if the Champions get a solid early game package she’ll be able to act as a reload card. We will see.

Adam: The only disappointing thing about this card is that its not a mantle character. I would love for her to have interactions with Mr. Morales and such. That’s about the only thing negative I can say about her. She’s got stats that are right on par with Starhawk and we see how he did at Origins. Her ability is really the thing that will make or break her in the end. Worst case she’s a better version of Moondragon, best case she can dig 3 or 4 cards deep for answer or just set up sweet draws for the likes of Elsa to get lots of value from her healing ability. I understand that JJ is a thing that needs to be said since she requires an academy, but we’ve gotten plenty more answers to her and I don’t think she will be the problem she was previously for cards like Miss Viv here. Side note: whats up with Marvel and the color green with their ladies? Think about it. Gamora. Green. She-Hulk. Green. Viv here. Green hair. They have some kind of coming of age moment with the infamous episode from the original Star Trek series? Regardless. Good card. Thumbs up from me.

James: Viv Vision is the daughter of Vision and shares the same basic setup for stats as her dad – power/toughness equal to cost, flight, and 2 wounds. However, her ability brings her out of her father’s shadow. Card draw is good in this game… selective card draw is even better. Champions-based decks should have no problem getting her ability off for at least 3, setting yourself up with something useful. The best part is that its an ability you can use during your Build Phase (wink, wink) allowing you to dig for that character you may need to play right now to stay in the game. And of course she’s an ally of our new Hulk MC. Final verdict: Solid basic character with an ability that is begging to be abused but will require a specific deck.

Nick: The potential Viv Vision has is huge, her Super Power has the power to literally stack your deck, and draw and extra card. Her stats are ok being a 4/4 as a 4 drop, and the 2 wounds help her stick to the board. Flight is good to have on any character. There are a couple of caveats for her however. First her power costs a yellow, and Jessica Jones can shut her down something that in the current meta you’ll have to keep in mind with any super power. Also you’ll obviously have to run a deck heavy with Champions characters at least on the low end of the curve since her power triggers off of the number Champions you have on the board.

DangerFord: I love search and draw mechanics. Since I started playing VS 2PCG I’ve been drawn (pun intended) to Dr. Strange MC. That’s who I immediately thought of when I saw Viv. Sure, Dr. Strange hopes to be leveled up by turn 4, but if your opponent has been able to stop your natural card draw by stunning Dr. Strange, then Viv could be a life saver. However, as Adam pointed out in the podcast episode (if you haven’t heard it yet go check it out now!), Viv works much better with *Hulk* MC as they are also on team. I think Viv will see a lot of play and has the potential to make tempo swing in your favor in the mid game when it’s needed most.

Joe: Viv Vision.. ooh la la! Creepy I know… but look at that card! Anything that promotes draw I am a fan of. Not only that, but she comes at a crucial turn during the game. Her stat line is respectable but her power is what makes her great! She also has two health so Viv can be a bit sticky. Her power not only allows you draw a card but also allows you to stack the cards you draw any way you see fit. We did confirm this with Mr. Chad Daniels and have already shipped out the tacos (sorry Adam I threw the vegan ones away).
Another thing I enjoy about this card is to verbiage used when it talks about putting cards on the bottom of your deck. It reads “Put any number on the top of your deck and the rest on the bottom.” So if you like your cards you just cycled, you do not need to put any on the bottom of the deck.
Now, her power costs the infamous intelligence resource (yellow) so people are going to be put off by this card because of Jessica Jones… I say NO WAY, bring Jessica on! The previous spoilers for Champions are serious! Strong low drops, that come with lethal and two health, low cost cards that have range that can easily take care of Jessica, so Champions has an answer at every turn (Check out of spoilers page to see what I am talking about).
To me Viv is a meant for a Champions deck and not a splash card because you are going to play her because of her ability. So maximizing the ability is important as it can make a difference in the game (MAXIMUM EFFORT).

mrben: I have been a fan of Amadeus Cho since World War Hulk. While I wasn’t entirely on board when he became Hulk, this card makes me ok with it. Card draw to represent his Genius and counter gen to show how Hulky he is. I like it all. The most important part of this Hulk is that, unlike the 7 cost puny Banner Hulk, this dude generates counters for doing something you WANT to do. Also, there’s no ceiling on his counter gen. This guy is just good all around at doing things that make a big impact on the game. I like it. I predict it will see play at the competitive level.

Adam: (insert some sort of fancy Amadeus Mozart reference here because i’m too lazy to google it and you’re smart. Yours would probably be better anyway.) Hulk is awesome and has needed some love from the VS gods for awhile now. His previous, non-mantled iterations were… lack luster. This guy on the other hand is something I want to sleeve up. His stats are definitely on par with other 6 drops but the key part of his text is “that many” inside his Smashing Intelligence key word explanation. Why? Well lets say you drop the green guy (freakin green again. Its a conspiracy!) on turn 6 with Viv Vison MC and decide its high time you used that cool level 2 power of hers. So you do all the shuffling and such then draw 7 cards and look down to realize you just made a 13/13 on turn 6. Pleased with yourself you proceed to smash face, doing horrible things to your opponents board. They cry some, recruit a guy, and pass the turn back to you and our awesome angry avenger gets even bigger. This is just one scenario but I think the applications are there for this guy to be quite good. I mean he’s no “The Abduction from the Seraglio” but he’ll do.

James: So apparently this Hulk is Totally Awesome instead of Incredible, and I completely agree. He starts off with the same setup as Mr. Sinister but at a +1 cost. But he totally makes up for it with that second ability. Protect him for 1 turn and he’s coming in as a 9/9. And this young dude loves the ladies – Sister Grimm (MC), Emma Frost, and most of all Loki. If you power him up for +4/+4 with her out, you’re probably not losing her to your opponent. When he hits the board he is going to become an instant target for your opponent as they will want to prevent him from getting out of control. However, that’s not going to be easy if you’ve got a strong MC with flight to hide him behind (do we have any of those around?). Parting shot: This guy is exciting and I am looking forward to trying to push him to the limit.

Nick: I almost hate to say it, but I think Amadeus is better at being *Hulk* that Bruce is at being Hulk. *Hulk*’s base stats are average at 6/6, with 2 health for a 6 drop. However, if he’s face up on your next turn he can not only draw you and extra card, but he quickly becomes an 8/8 because of the 2 counters he gets from genius, and your draw phase. If not dealt with quickly *Hulk*’s stats can quickly snowball which is Totally Awesome for you, not so much for your opponent.

Joe: HULK, my new favorite six drop! His stat line is respectable and he has two health, so again we see another Champion with two health. I like that we are seeing more sticky characters in this team. This version of HULK is how the original should have been, I am really excited to see him now though.  He has Genius which allows you to draw a card at the start of your turn, so you get an additional draw (again love this ability), and it feeds into his Smashing Intelligence oh so nicely.  SO not only are you getting a +1/+1 on his ability but on your normal draw, and if you can use Viv you are gaining another count as well.
As we speak I am throwing green counters in the air! MAKE IT RAIN!
So it is possible with just Hulk and Viv alone to have a 9/9 Hulk on turn seven which is very nice as the Hulk can continue to grow. Remember you don’t want to get him angry!
The combo of setting your draw with Viv and then drawing the additional card with HULK is too good to pass up. It is a late game combo that can win your games or bring you back in the game. #WINNING

DangerFord: Woohoo! More drawing mechanics! Champions is shaping up to me my team of choice. *Hulk* is the highest SC that we’ve seen with the keyword Genius. Along with Smashing Intelligence he has the ability to actually make Genius work as well. He’s also getting HUGE at the same time. Drawing cards and putting counters on a character is always a win/win scenario. Along with Viv, I expect these two cards to make Champions a competitive team.


7/12/17 Fireclaw and a Creature walk into a Black Bog

Bill: Holy monsters! The Creature from the Black Bog has what I’d like to call situational potential. A 6/6 stat block on turn 2 is HUGE, but the Friendly keyword makes B.B. nothing more than a big defensive wall. Any stall deck will love running him, but be aware that any flyer will be breezing past this behemoth. There’s is definitely potential, though. He could help Dark Phoenix when she fails to ramp, he can stick around for Singularity to possibly be useful, Spider-man will enjoy having a free face-up character for XP, and Kid Kaiju can use him to discard without feeling too bad about throwing him away. It might be a bit of a power creep, but I would love to see a “Silence” mechanic a la Hearthstone which basically would Cosmo your own SC’s so B.B. could attack. With his stats being comparable to a 6 drop he can come late game and still make a difference as well. While Creature from the Black Bog may not be the most exciting card in this set I’m excited to see how people will utilize this card.

Nick: Hey guys, spoiler season is once again upon us. While many of us are still getting used to Legacy, that makes this new batch of cards no less exciting. First, we got the Creature from The Black Bog, he’s a 2 drop with a stat line of 6/6/1, and he has the keyword power Friendly. Friendly: The Creature from the Black Bog can’t attack. So, the stat line on this guy for a 2 drop is huge, double the attack and/or defense of most other 2 drops. His keyword power directly prevents being able to take advantage of these stats in any sort of aggressive way. This is obviously by design, because if we had 6/6 characters like this that would be a major power imbalance on the low end of the curve for monsters, and we’d probably see this guy everywhere after Monsters released. Unfortunately, his keyword also makes him a niche card. Creature does not have flying, so his viability as a wall is limited. However, I do think he will go well in certain decks such as, Mystique, Spider-Man, and Daredevil as a way to gain xp. He could also combo well with the X-Men plot twist Uncanny Defense.

Joe: Monster!!!! Oh wait, it’s just The Creature from the Black Bog. A beast… wait… a monster of a two drop who stat line is a 6/6 with one health.  The card is a supporting character who carries the keyword “Friendly” which means it cannot attack. While this definitely takes away from the overall in your face stat line this monster has it does not take away from him still being a 6/6 on turn two.
Some may find a character with the key word “Friendly” less appealing, especially in the early game. Players want the attack to get those early wounds in, and who can blame anyone wanting to do so? However, you can definitely utilize this monster to protect any MC or key supporting characters by using him as a wall. Protecting early characters that drive a deck engine can be key to success and tempo leading to the ultimate victory!
Does The Creature from the Black Bog have a place in one of your decks?
Is this monster an auto include or situational?

Adam: Creature from the Black Bog easily has the biggest discrepancy between his name and key word.  This big green Ariel from the Little Mermaid’s dad looking MoFo (thank mrben for that correlation, I can’t not see it now) does not appear Friendly. Yet his 6/6 frame on a tiny 2 cost card is Friendly, a new key word.  On one hand you have extreme cost to stats value.  On the other you have a loss of tempo early.  Bad you say?  I’m not so sure.  CftBB here is not without his relevant synergies.  Professor X, for example, doesn’t want to attack early anyway and has access to Uncanny Defense.  Not what your opponent want to see when attacking you on turn 2-3.  Mystique would love to copy that ATK for +5 XP.  He could also just stone wall a Luke Cage for a turn or 2.  Also this is the kind of guy that sticks to the board for multiple turns for Spider-Man.  Put him in your back row and opponents don’t want waste characters and temp trying to get his hefty stats of the board when he’s not an offensive threat.  That would let you set back and pile up XP.  This guy might resemble a Disney character and not be the most exciting 2 drop in this set but 6/6 for 2 is not something you just dismiss out of hand.

mrben: This guy is very niche. Most decks will not want to devote slots to a card that can’t make use of its stats, regardless of how cheap the stats are. So the dude from the Black Bog needs to find a home in a deck that can extract value from him in a way that isn’t declaring attacks. Spider Man is still the deck I’m putting the most effort into and he seems to fit nicely there. He’s hard to remove at that part of the curve, which makes him sticky. And punny as it is to say, Spidey loves sticky SCs.
Outside of this kind of niche application I don’t see much use for him. Perhaps if we get a card that targets a SC on your side with Nullify? That kind of drawback on an SC, maybe with stats like the Creature from the Black Bog, would allow you to sidestep the Friendly drawback and swing.
And yes, he totally looks like Ariel’s dad from the Little Mermaid.


Bill: Move over, Ghost Rider, Pixularity has a new 7 drop in town! Not only is Fireclaw more reliable, he also scoffs at all your pesky SC’s with Tough that always protect those back row characters. This is the first time we’ve seen Pounce on a high drop character and it’s MAGNIFICENT. Stalk the Prey fits perfectly with Pounce and gives you some great value. Spot removal has always been a big thing for me and this card is perfect. With the reveal of Tim Boo Ba I believe Dark Phoenix and Pixularity may be making a comeback. Getting Fireclaw out as early as turn 3 (with DP’s ramp ability) could let you gain and hold board control for the rest of the game. Add Cat Fight to the mix and Fireclaw is just nasty. Besides being a great card, how could you not love Fireclaw?! HE LITERALLY HAS CLAWS THAT ARE ON FIRE.
We’ve seen a lot of great cards so far in this spoiler season and B.B. and Fireclaw are no exception. Legacy really stirred up the meta and Monsters Unleashed looks like it will give us more of the same with even more diversity in deck building and variety.

Nick: Second, we got Fireclaw, he is a 7 drop with a stat line of 9/7/1. Fireclaw has two powers, the keyword Pounce: While Fireclaw is attacking an exhausted character, it can’t strike back at him, and the super power Stalk the Prey: Main Phase pay an Earth: Exhaust an enemy and move it to it front row. His stats are respectable, a good high attack, decent defense, but he’d be a lot better with two wounds. That being said Fireclaw would fit well into aggressive decks. I’m really curious as to how well Pounce is going to work on a high drop, high stat character. Personally, I love it, and his super power combos really well with Pounce. Stalk the Prey is really just a better version of the Drax MC Call Enemy Super Power. One big reason to have Fireclaw in a deck is your opponent can’t hide their MC from him in the back row. I really like Fireclaw, he’s a cheesy, but badass character in all the right ways. I think we’ll see a lot of him after Monsters drops.

Joe: FIRECLAW burns onto the scene (cheesy I know, but I had too)
FIRECLAW!!! The monster with fire claws… LOVE IT. I just want to say I have loved everything about this team thus far, and FIRECLAW is no exception.  This monster is the real deal! A seven cost with a 9/7 stat line with one health.  FIRECLAW carries the key work “Pounce” and for those of you need a refresher that means when FIRECLAW is attacking an exhausted character, it cannot strike back. This is HUGE absolutely huge in my opinion. I have always liked Pounce and we have never seen it on a character this strong, so watching him clean up the board will be fun! It may also put players in a situation where they think twice about attacking with a certain character.
BUT WAIT… THERE’S MORE not only does FIRECLAW have Pounce, he also has a power called “Stalk the Prey” which is a main phase ability and costs one earth. The ability reads Pay an earth exhaust an enemy character and move it to the front row!!!! Yeah, you read that right, exhaust and move a character to the front row so this 9/7 juggernaut can snipe out those pesky utility or range characters. The best part about it all, he won’t take damage back.
FIRECLAW says who needs flight and range when you can just grab people from the back row! FIRECLAW can fit nicely with any team and has to be a must consider when thinking of late game play.
Shout out to Super Awesome Games, keep up the fantastic work!

Adam: FireClaw. Straight and to the point with this name. He has claws. They’re on fire. Must have spent a lot of time on that. Anyway this cat with a dragon/scorpion like tale is a intriguing 7 drop.  He only has one would and 7 Def, things that haven’t added up to much play at that spot in the curve in the past, but has 9 ATK.  That puts him in some rarified air.  As of right now only Mr. Hyde, Thanos, Adam Warlock, and Fing Fang Foom have more base ATK than this guy with claws that are on fire. That alone makes him worth a look. Add in Pounce, which until now has only been on 1 drops, and we’ll get to see exactly what that key word can do on a big frame.  Sure he’ll get stunned back a lot of the time after you pass the turn but the fact that he can attack a lot of characters without worrying about being struck is something.
As a side note, I’m really enjoying the design decision to step away from some of the already well known and used key words and going with these lesser used on different types of characters throughout the curve. Pounce was good and relevant most of the time on Blackcat and Hellcat.
Now for that super power. I really love the synergy it has with his large ATK and pounce. Being able to hit any character, regardless of formation makes this guy a legit finisher at 7. He’s not a Ghost Rider that can stun out of combat but being able to pull a Main character from the back row and dome them for 9 or more if you team attack can and will finish games. If your already running earth locations or Monsters wilds FireClaw could definitely be a great alternative to Ghost Rider to stay on team. Another advantage he has over the GR is that he is probably better in Dark Phoenix ramp build because he doesn’t need a full yard to get his full effect. Dropping him down on turn 5, after a ramp, will really put the pressure on your opponent. Sure he might not stick around as long as some 7s or higher but he can really effect the board while he’s there. Oh, did I forget to mention that he has claws and they’re on fire? Right, I didn’t need to. That wonderfully to the point name and all.

mrben: Fireclaw feels like he was named and drawn by Napolean Dynamite. The cheese on this monster is stacked higher than a Destiny raid.
However, despite having to peer past the silliness this card is, perhaps, one of the best pure utility cards in the game. He hits the board, stuns something, and sticks around. Yes, he may get KOd after you pass turn. But in the vast majority of uses he will go 2 for 1 in trades. Further, he occupies a part of the curve where getting double removal can be back breaking. Gamora can 2 for 1, but clearing a 2 and 3 drop is far less disruptive than clearing your opponent’s 6 and 7.
Fireclaw is good. In both a lot of decks and a lot of specific situations. This guy will see play at the competitive level.

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