Episode 131: Superior Shadow King

In Episode 131 Team Build Phase reveals and discusses two new cards from the Brotherhood of Mutants expansion due out in March.

Adam: First off I have to say after a Gencon hangover and a winter hiatus it’s nice to be back on the spoiler train heading straight to Brotherhood of Mutants town.  Now that I’ve got that out of my system, let’s talk about this plot twist.  I guess the best way to describe it is somewhere between Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and You Wouldn’t Like Her When She’s Angry, but probably worse than both.  Don’t get me wrong I think after seeing Avalanche and Mesmero this card will have a place in decks running heavy Brothers (henceforth I’m referring to them as such. Nothing you can do about it. I’ve made my decision). A mid-combat pump that can become permanent is nothing to take lightly. I will say the applications are limited since it has 2 qualifiers for targets.  Brothers and supporting characters only.  Solid card overall.  Not exciting but the kind of plot twist that will see some play depending on what the rest of this team looks like.

mrben: This Plot Twist is fine. It isn’t doing anything that breaks away from the general power level of team affiliated PTs. It is certainly playable, and every team needs to have some combat altering PT options in their kit. The issue here is just that this is a card we’ve seen many times before. So it’s tough to get too excited about. Still, I predict that this will see play if Brothers see play.


Adam: Now this guy is interesting.  A 7 drop that doesn’t actually hit the board.  I think mrben described it best as almost an equipment like effect but slightly better since equipment hate doesn’t affect him. We can talk about cheating him in early and all the busted type things people will want to do with him but what I think is really unique about him is that he is most effective when played out of his normal spot in the curve.  He’s probably better when you under drop him on say turn 8-9. Of course he’s great on 5 or whatever if you ramp or Dramatic or what not. Think about it though. If you play him on 7 on the play then pass turn, sure you get the KO effect, but what if your opponent drops the big triple F or Onslaught?  Probably losing that Shadow King ability that’s what. Now what if you wait till the threat hits the board? Value that’s what. I think a lot of us have had to look down the barrel of Fing to the Fang to the Foom or some absurd 17/17 4 wound flying, ranged, stealth Onslaught conglomeration at one time or another.  Feels bad right? You know what doesn’t? Taking one on the chin the playing shadow king. Like I said better on turns 8-10ish. Regardless i see this guy being the impactful in some manner in this game that is starved for hard removal.

mrben: Hard removal. Yes, please. I am such a huge fan of this card. I want to kill your dudes. And I want the extra points of doing so using a Supporting Character that isn’t quite a SC or Equipment. Now, you do need a board that you can protect to get the most out of this guy. Getting a single KO is probably not worth 7 recruit points. But if he goes off twice… Well. I think you just win that game most of the time.
I really hope we see more cards like this. The design space of using recruit points to play effects rather than characters is incredibly interesting. What’s next? A PT that uses Locations?

Joe: All I can say is WOW… Love this card and all its potential. The stat line is straight silly, but the attention lies in the detail. Shadow King is a game changer in my opinion, and what’s funny is that in discussion we found him better used off turn. Not only is he a game changer but he makes an old friend relevant again, Pixie. Now while you can Dramatic Entrance him in, I really want to see Pixie pop this guy into play and swing the early/mid game, creating a difficult position for your opponent. Shadow King’s ability, Feast on your terror, just knocks big or small, pesky or idle supporting characters right off the board as he pays no attention to health.
Shadow King is an answer to a lot of things and I really like the flavor and powers of the card. Now, while my opinions are littered with stats, combos and the possibilities this card oozes with, what really amazes me is how this card is not a One of A Kind! I think it is clear that I am a fan of the card and feel the power level of Shadow King is amazing… With that being said, having four in a deck and the possibility of cheating him into play early or dropping him on turn, I find intriguing.

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