Knights of the Frozen Throne today!

The newest expansion to Hearthstone releases today.
This expansion brings a new type of card to the game, the Hero card. When you play one of the Hero cards it will change your hero into a deathknight version. This comes with armor and a new hero power.
This also brings new single player content to the game for free. If you complete the free story mission you are guaranteed to receive one of the new Hero cards.

Look for KotF in the Americas around 12pm PST.
Crack new packs in Asia at 7am KST.
And finally Europe gets in on the new cards at 5am CEST.
I’m sure the impatience for these players is soothed a bit by knowing those of us in the Americas will have to deal with all the delays, queue times, server crashes, and bugs. But only a bit.

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