Limited time pack bundle deal in Hearthstone.

Last night a patch went out to Hearthstone that introduced the Greater Crater Promotion to the game.
Historically, the cheapest you could get packs of cards for was $1 a pack and that deal is only available as part of an expansion preorder.
The Greater Crater deal blows this away.

At the smallest price point you end up paying $9 for 9 packs, this ties the typical best deal. But it doesn’t stop there.
The largest bundle available on mobile devices is the 40 packs for $50. With this promo your $50 gets you 52 packs, that’s $.96 a pack. This is the new best deal in Hearthstone history for all those mobile players.
The PC crowd get an even better deal. The 60 packs for $70 bundle now gets you 78 packs for the same price. This means you’re paying just under $.90 a pack.

This special pricing goes extinct on July 10th. So act now if you have Un’Goro cards still missing from your collection.

One final note, the Legendary card updates for packs don’t go into effect until the next expansion drops. So to maximize your return, buy the packs now but don’t open them until the next set drops.

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