Top 5 Marvel Legacy “Sleeper” Cards

Marvel Legacy "Sleeper" Cards - By Adam Logan

So the previews have ended. Bummer, right? At this point we all just wants the set in our hands to start shuffling up decks with all the new cards and find out what wasn’t spoiled. A lot of people are anxious to finally sleeve an un-proxied Thor or Jessica Jones, and to finally have real versions of the mono plot twists. Everyone wants to throw their old copies of Thanos and cosmo in a blender with sadistic glee as they cackle and wave good bye! Or maybe that's just me?
Regardless I think we can all agree that cards like Thor, Jessica Jones, Charlie 27, Falcon, Hyde, and Leader (just to name a few) are primed to make a big impact on the up coming meta; some more than others, of course, but it seems like they’ll be good. How can they not, right?

That's why I wanted to take a minute to discuss what I would call “sleeper” cards for this set. Cards that are either under discussed, dismissed as poor, or have a divided opinion on their impact, but will end up having a say in competitive play.

I know this guy has divided opinions. Some think he’s a bomb, while others think he's too inconsistent and unreliable to play competitively. I think he’s somewhere right in the middle. His base stats are great and copying abilities is awesome. I think his value is really two fold. First, he’s just a good body that will have solid abilities more often than not. Second he will wreak havoc on your opponent’s lines of play. Trying to make decisions on who to recruit when, because you might steal that ability, or misplaying because they didn’t factor in everything he could do. I think he’s great at a spot ,3 drop, on Underworld where they really needed another option. Sorry, Winter Soldier.

This plot twist was the one that was incorrectly spoiled and I think that did more damage to it than its actual text. Why is this plot twist so good? Like Taskmaster its in the right spot. With She-Hulk and Miss America on team with it this plot twist will allow you to clear boards. The multiple wounds combined with Leader and Tough abilities is actually the key. Attack, put the wound on Miss america due to She-Hulks leader ability, flip Miss america back with tough, Ready For Anything, swing again. God help them if you have a green up. Throw in Loki at the 6 and now you have the draw engine and bodies to do it again possibly. I just feel that this combination will give you the ability to swing bad board states back into your favor. The only problem I perceive is the weaknesses of A-Force as a team. They don’t have a hard answer for +1/+1 counters outside of team attacks, but at least they do that really well.

Defenders is a team that we’ve seen the least of this spoiler season. So the criticism of this card is warranted. What would an all Defenders only deck look like? I wouldn’t look good thats for sure. The team does have some great supporting characters and plot twists. The Main Characters are good to laughably meme worthy but this plot twist does something no other cards in the game can. It heals wounds with no location needed. Now dealing wounds is better than healing. Dealing wounds is how you win the game. So why would a card that directly prevents that be bad, not be good? It isn’t. I think it is very good. Look at it from a purely card advantage perspective. This plot twist will probably net you an additional turn. That’s another draw step of two cards. Two more cards to see if you can find the answer you needed to turn the game around or finish it off. Also, Reality Shift negates all the cards they played, attacks they made, and locations they flipped to get the wound in the first place. This could possibly equal even more advantage for you. If they played a plot twist and had to KO a supporting character or take a wound to their MC on the strike back, all those resources and efforts were countered by playing 1 plot twist out of your hand during your main phase. The only way I see this card not being good is if Defenders only deck isn’t competitively viable.

Why her? Yet again its cost and team. The 3 best Mcs on A-Force are ranged. Combined with Katie they reach that turn one magic number of 5+. Why is that significant? Go back through your MCs and count how many have a DEF of 5 or less. A bunch. Plus her Quick Draw is just icing on the cake. Now she’s not splashy, but be ready to see a lot of her if Phoenix, Sister Grimm, and Captain Marvel are being played. She is just one of those turn 1 plays that make you sigh and think to yourself “its going to be one of those games” when recruited across from you. Adversely she can make a lot of hands more keepable and aggressive. There is almost nothing bad to say about her except that she isn’t really exciting. I don’t think that true at all.

You saw him here first, ladies and gentlemen, and I’m standing by him. He’s versatile and sturdy. Getting Falcons and Leaders off the board is going to be important in the up coming meta. “Yondu does it better” you say with a whiny voice. Yeah? Well what the @#$%! does he do to Thanos or Hyde! Get run over, thats what. Marti can lock them down turn after turn if you have the resources while you pray for the draw that will help you recover. He’s not as fragile as Rocket but still has the range to compliment Starlord and Rocket MCs. Yet again, he’s not flashy but he can help you in multiple ways

There are probably more I forgot to mention. Comment below and let me know who I forgot, how I’m totally wrong, or that you just like the cut of my jib. That’s a thing people say right?

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