Major changes in the works for Hearthstone packs.

Significant positive changes coming to a Hearthstone pack store near you.

Episode 99: Techno Organic Virus

Episode 99 of The Build Phase Podcast.

Available NOW.

What did you play at Thorigins?

...I'll bet it was Thor.

Episode 98: Thor(igins)

Episode 98 of The Build Phase Podcast available now.

Star Wars Destiny European Championship

Congratulations to David Hancock, who won this weekend piloting eUnkarr PlottFN-2199/First Order Storm Tropper.

Click here for the Top 8 Decks from the SWD European Chamionship!

The VS System needs your help!

Learn how you can help make VS better.

Un'Goro Highlights

Check out the Un'Goro cards you are guaranteed to run into on the ladder and in the Arena.

Team BP gettin' their Legacy on!

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