Episode 110: Rapid Strike

The Build Phase Podcast returns! Episode 110 available now.

Gen Con VS 2PCG 10k.

What happened at Gen Con? We got you covered.

Episode 107: Predator X

Come! Let your ears prey upon Episode 107 of The Build Phase Podcast.

Knight of the Frozen Throne. Today!

Winter is here!

Check the Knights of the Frozen Throne release time for your region.

BPLP Hall of Fame has grown!

The final match for Build Phase League Play, Kitchen Table Division Season 2: Not Finished Yet has been played.
New names have been printed in the BPLP Hall of Fame.

Episode 106: Past Present and Future

Episode 106 available now.

Episode 105: Blazing Death's Head

Episode 105 of The Build Phase Podcast available now!

Build Phase Monsters Unleashed Spoilers

The first Build Phase spoilers from Monsters Unleashed have been revealed!

Greater Crater Promotion

Best price on Hearthstone packs in the history of the game.

What did you play at Thorigins?

...I'll bet it was Thor.

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